About Us

theSTASH Company is based in Los Angeles, California.  Started back in 2006 by two individuals working to put their talents together to better themselves by incorporating their love for collecting sneakers and fashion to create a community based company.   So after long talks going back and forth coming up with a name that best describes our collection, the abundance of how much we have or in other words our STASH.  Our inspiration for our designs comes from the latest sneakers, sports and the hip hop culture.            

Fast forward to 2016, with a dedicated team of motivated individuals we are ready to take our brand to the next level.  Our mission is to inspire and motivate every individual to have confidence to wear what they want whenever they want.  With pride and passion for what we do, we always give our best & aim to bring you the best.

Our motto to the masses is simple, always be sure to “STASH PLENTY”.

 -theSTASH Co.